85+ Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas & Meanings — A Trendy Symbolism

If you’ve ever seen the dragonfly close to you while in the forest or by the pond, you wouldn’t wonder why so many people are joining into the trend of getting a dragonfly tattoo. This is one of the most beautiful organisms that exist other than the butterfly.

Their wings literally flutter in the wind reflecting the various prism colours of the sunshine that bounces off of the translucent double-sided wings. Dragonflies are very multicoloured. The Green Darner Dragonfly, for example, has a green neck and back, and a blue bottom side.

They also come in red and yellow such as the Emerald dragonfly varieties. This is one reason why there is so much intrigue around people wanting to get these beautiful specimens tattooed onto their bodies. Dragonflies also have beautiful gorgeous wings. These wings beat at 50 to 90 beats per second.

They are basically the fastest insects in North America.


What Is the Meaning of a Dragonfly Tattoo?

The symbology of the dragonfly is that it is about change and the perspective of self-realization. This is the source of mental and emotional maturity for understanding what life really means deeper on.

It signifies depth, an embodiment of change and self-understanding, and connection with the true nature of what it means to live as a human being. It takes a person from the more superficial aspects of life into its depths and deeper meanings.

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By getting a dragonfly tattoo, you are basically ascribing to living in the moment. It means that you are interested in living life in the moment, making informed choices, moment to moment like a great and glorious dragonfly.

The dragonflies tattoos design also speaks to the vision and being able to see beyond the limits of the human body and self and to see into the universe. It also means seeing beyond the limits of our own minds.

The meaning of the dragonfly tattoo is epic and has a psychic enhancing element to it with being able to see farther in the minds eye.

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Variety of Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

There are many types of dragonfly tattoo designs. You can get them made and designed by using a dragonfly tattoo machine. These are already designed and manufactured to be able to have the dragonfly tattoo already imprinted into the machine.

These need to be used carefully and hopefully with a certified professional tattoo artist to not prevent injuries. There is also a dragonfly rotary tattoo machine which gives you a few different options of pre-designed dragonfly tattoo images to choose from.

Of the designs that you can choose from, there are small dragonfly tattoos, 3D dragonfly tattoos, tribal dragonfly tattoo designs, watercolour dragonfly tattoo design, and others.

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Here I will list and give you a bit more information about each type of design in order to help you choose the most intriguing and best match type of design for you.

# 1 Watercolour Dragonfly Tattoo

This design is sharp and bold. The colours are stunning and stand out on the skin. They truly reflect the multicoloured creature and all its angles. The piece looks like a bit of real museum or wall artwork on the body. This tattoo also has a cheery effect, having bright colours than non-watercolour art designs.

# 2 Tribal Style Tattoo of a Dragonfly

This style blends traditional artwork of Celtic or Samoan origin into a very grand design that incorporates regal and old world elements into it as well as the beautiful design of the dragonfly itself. The lines are bold and enticing.

The design itself is intricate and the tribal feel also gives a bit of a tough laced warrior sense to the whole piece of art. In this design, the dragonfly is definitely the king of the forest and swamp, sitting atop a branch with delicately designed leaves swirling out.

# 3 Colourfly Dragonfly Tattoo

This delicate gem of a tattoo sits softly on the shoulder as if it was a real butterfly or dragonfly taking a rest while spreading out its glorious wings onto the skin. In the centre of this tattoo sits a ruby red design surrounded by little white pearls.

The wings are small but well sized, and they echo a myriad of shades mostly in the pink/purple and blue ranges. This design is sweet and elegant. Any young female would absolutely feel proud to have this on and show off to her friends.

# 4 Small Multiple Dragonflies

This design takes four uniquely designed dragonflies and puts them on the edges of the North, South, East, and West poles, in a cross-shaped design. The rest of the space in between them is filled in like a giant web of intricately carved lines that make up a flower or a rose petal.

The lace design is intertwined throughout until it becomes uniform and symmetrical.

# 5 Small Wrist Dragonfly

This design is only one dragonfly and much smaller than the rest of the designs.

It is so perfect for someone who wants a subtle touch of artwork on the wrist, and every time you see it while you work with your hands, it is easy to let it brighten your day, or remind you of the meanings that the dragonfly embodies.

This small design is not as colourful as the rest and not as eye popping but yet still has slight subtle colours to make it glow and shine. This design works because it is in a very public area that can be seen easily. The subtle and small nature of this design makes it work well on the wrist.

# 6 3D Dragonfly Tattoo

Now with 3D printing, videography, and photos being all the craze in the digital world, the 3D dragonfly tattoo design also makes a statement. This design is perfect for someone who wants to make a more futuristic statement and who loves the visual effect that a bit of shadowing can create.

The design curiously actually makes it look as if a dragonfly was really sitting atop your skin. It has an unbelievable and eye-catching effect that you would not imagine a designer could make on the skin.

# 7 Flower Watercolour Dragonfly Tattoo

This flower watercolour design has a bright blue dragonfly flying around the flower. The flower type is a lotus flower which is significant of peace and harmony according to Buddhist traditions. This design has harmonious bright colours, stands out well, and brings a peaceful feeling when you look at it.

It also is very artistic, combining colours, textures, and movement of the dragonfly and small butterfly atop the flower.

# 8 Dragonfly Tattoo With Om/Mandala

In a similar theme, the dragonfly tattoo with om is a nice tattoo with another symbol that has a theme of harmony. The om sign is weaved throughout the dragonfly’s body and it flutters around with stylistic markings around the dragonfly.

This tattoo is mostly blue with droplets of blue around the dragonfly. Another great variation is the combination of a dragonfly and a mandala design.

# 9 Watercolour Wrist Dragonfly Tattoo

This tattoo is stunning and beautiful. This tattoo has all the colours of the rainbow splashed on it, in a design like fashion. The colours really come through because of the watercolour medium of tattoo design.

The main colours are blue, purple, and yellow but other colours like green and red are apparent in small droplets. This design really stands out because of its artistic patterns and splashes and splotches of lively colour making it seem like the dragonfly is in flight!

# 10 Dragonfly Tattoo With Fancy Ankle Artwork

This design is of a small dragonfly with wings folded to one side creating a small decorative arch around the ankle area. The fanciful dragonfly looks as if it’s just buzzing and dancing around the ankle in flight. The colour is in light blue and the wings are a translucent bluish tone.

This is a pretty little design that is subtle yet noticeable.

# 11 Small Dragonfly Toe Tattoo

This design looks totally cute. This tiny toe tattoo can sit nicely just on your toe and be subtle but a nice surprise when somebody notices it. The colour is a bright turquoise blue.

The tattoo sits gently on the toe reminding the person wearing it to relax, to enjoy pretty things, and to look deeper into life’s meanings (see meaning of the dragonfly tattoo). This tattoo is pleasant to look at and brings a smile to your face.

# 12 Fancy Artwork Dragonfly Tattoo

This type of dragonfly tattoo actually looks like it is a brush script or calligraphy. It looks similar to Asian calligraphy in style and is mild and modest at the same time. The colouring is a grey-black and the design itself has a simplicity to it that is unlike other more bold designs with many lines.

The lines are simple, curved, and artistic, and the colour is also very simple, yet makes a nice delicate touch.

# 13 Monarch Butterfly and Dragonfly Tattoo

This design is stunning because it is colourful but it also shows the unique colours of the monarch butterfly. There are 3 butterflies and their specific shapes, designs, and colours, followed by a dragonfly who is following their lead in flight up the arm.

This design is imaginative and creative. It is nice because it has two beautiful creature types versus one. The designs have 3 colours to them, and the dragonfly is the final design on the bottom of the arm. The dragonfly is in a bright green, which is just amazing to look at.

# 14 Realistic Dragonfly Tattoo By Oleg Turyanskiy

You would never think that someone could carve a tattoo so real to life looking that it actually looks like there is a dragonfly sitting on someone’s neck. It is a great feat of nature and art in this tattoo. This artist just does an excellent job of mimicking the look of a real live dragonfly sitting on the neck.

The tattoo is made in 3D. It looks as if the dragonfly is just sitting on the neck of the individual with its legs sticking out from under and its wings looking so real to life it’s unbelievable.

Overall, dragonflies make for excellent designs on the body. They are elegant, subtle, and powerful creatures. They remind us of living each day in the moment and to have a deeper meaning. We hope you enjoy your search for the perfect dragonfly tattoo for you!

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