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New styles of body art are always coming up, and the steampunk tattoo is enough proof of this. Although they have been around for several decades now, they are still relatively new body markings if you compare it with other traditional designs.

It is hard to define these tattoos because they take different shapes and styles while combining several elements to create a distinct image. However, the theme is around science fiction, fantasy and some elements of metals, gears, and machines.

They are very attractive body markings, but they may not impress people who do not know about the steampunk subculture and its origins.


Origin of Steampunk

Steampunk is all fiction, and most will credit individuals with a fascination with the post-apocalyptic machines and with more emphasis on steam powered engines for its development.

Some people will associate its origins with Cyberpunk especially due to the close association between the two terms, but there is still much more to it.

Scholars and enthusiasts accept it a subgenre of both science fantasy and science fiction that incorporates aesthetic designs and technology with inspiration from the industrial steam-powered engines of the 19th century.

The origin of the word is still contentious, but the most popular and probably also the most accurate theory claims that it came about in the 1980’s.

It is a variant of Cyberpunk that was coined by K. W. Jeter a science fiction author as he was trying to come up with a general term for the science fiction writings of 19th-century authors that were in the Victorian style.

The word was soon appearing in many novels, and it was only a matter of time before a culture and enthusiasm developed around it.

First, it was in fashion and manufacture of gadgets based on this culture and a few decades ago the steampunk body art came into being as fans transformed their fascination with this culture into body art.

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Meaning and Significance of These Tattoos

Most people will have a steampunk tattoo because it looks cool, and unique, and so most of them will not even associate any meanings with it.

Those that know about the subculture will often have the body markings to show this and also their fascination with the steam powered engines, post-apocalyptic future and also the Victorian culture.

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  • Steampunk Tattoo 101
  • Steampunk Tattoo 100

However, some tattoo lovers will give the tattoo an in-depth meaning and symbolism. The most common one is defiance or rebellion and not wanting to restrict oneself to the parameters of reality.

These symbols combine science fiction with outdated technology and so having one can just mean that you are in your world that is different from what most accept and understand.

These tattoos can also symbolize self-confidence and the ability to do or achieve anything that you want. Having something like a gear or even a measuring meter inked on you shows that you do not have any issues with self-belief, and so nothing stands in the way of your life desires.

For others, the tattoos are a sign of sheer power, and this is more so when the body marking has a steam engine theme.

The steam engine is one of the greatest discoveries of humankind and although some may consider it outdated its power and the transformation that it brought to the world is still evident to date.

And since this subculture has a lot of fiction you can convert almost any other popular tattoo into steampunk to make it look adorable but still maintain its meaning.

And this shows that these tattoos can mean and symbolize almost anything and everything that you want.

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Design Variations

You can draw a steampunk tattoo from almost anything that you wish including your car or motorcycle, and all you need to do is to adjust its appearance by adding any technology that fits in the Victorian Era.

However, just like with any other modern tattoos there are some distinct styles and designs that most people will prefer to have on their body.

  • Steampunk Tattoo 99
  • Steampunk Tattoo 98
  • Steampunk Tattoo 97

The clockwork comes on top of most people’s lists when choosing tattoos in this genre, and most will often opt to draw the cogs that run inside. It is also common for people to combine the clockwork with the owl.

There are also animal design variations with these tattoos. And although most of them are about the owl, this should not restrict you because you can have any of your favorite animals and you only need to spice it up with Victorian accessories or gears ad cogs.

It is also common to have a design that consists of gears and cogs in a line or forming a simple shape and not necessarily on a machine. This design variation is ideal for those that prefer to have simple body markings that still maintains the theme.

A sexy Victorian girl is also another great option, and this is more so for ladies who want to give their tattoo an element of femininity, but it can also work for men.

If the Victorian girl is too feminine for you, then you can try something funky like the skull and all that you need to do is to add some cogs or gears to the design.

The options are endless when it comes to design variations for these tattoos as you can also have a realistic 3D tattoo, biomechanical man, colorful gears and cogs or simply mix up various designs.

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Steampunk Symbols Placement

Tattoo placement is always about personal choice, and the steampunk tattoo is not an exception because you can have it in almost any place that you want.

However, most people prefer to have them as a sleeve tattoo, and this is more so when the image entails having some intricate cogs and gears.

A biomechanical tattoo or a realistic 3D one will look fantastic as a side tattoo while a small owl or any other animal is perfect at the back of your shoulders.

There are also some chest piece body markings available and other small ones for the ankle and wrist. And this means that you can have these tattoos in almost any part of the body.

In Short…

A Steampunk tattoo gives you the opportunity to transform your fascination with the Victorian Era machines and those that you read and see in science fiction works into an amazing body art.

These tattoos are not typical and conventional body markings, and so if you get an artist that knows how to draw them well, you can be confident of a unique totem.

  • Steampunk Tattoo 96
  • Steampunk Tattoo 95
  • Steampunk Tattoo 94

There are also many designs available, and you also have the option of coming up with a unique one by accessorizing the traditional tattoos with Victorian era accessories.

However, take some time to think and contemplate before getting one because not everyone can handle their quirkiness.

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