The main rules of a successful open relationship

There are many stereotypes and arrogant value judgments around the topic of an open relationship, so it’s worth looking into it in more detail. The most important thing is to understand that an open relationship is not immoral “legal” infidelities and not permissiveness. Such a very superficial look came to us from our ancestors living in a strictly patriarchal society.

What is an open relationship in reality? This is a conscious decision of two people in a couple to allow the partner and himself to interact with other people, while promising not to be jealous, not to take revenge and not to leave because of lovers. At the same time, a man and a woman continue to be a couple, arrange a joint life and discuss their sympathies.

How to understand why people start such type of a relationship? For many reasons. One of them is a boring routine in their current relationship. Very often, after several such legalized betrayals, people realize that they want to be with their partner, that they really feel good together. Feelings did not fade away, but simply vanished under the weight of monotony and everyday life.

Rules of open relationship

If you take a closer look at what a free relationship means, you can conclude that this is far from regular meetings with other partners and an indifferent attitude to the feelings of the partner. Not at all. Even here, there are some rules, arrangements, and each couple chooses how to behave at their own discretion.

For example:

  • you can flirt and chat with anyone you want, but no longer than for one night;
  • you can do what your heart desires, but be sure to discuss it;
  • you can flirt, but not have physical intimacy;
  • you can go to someone, but you can’t invite him to your house;
  • you can search for partners on one of the best swinger websites, but do not do this among friends.

It is important to understand that there can be a huge number of such options. In each couple everything is individual depending on the personal qualities of each person, on courage and on desire.

But we know for sure that many people have a desire to give their soulmate a gift and it can be a hugging ring.

A moment that also requires discussion is honesty. You need to be sincere not only with your partner, but also with your new passion. It is necessary to warn that there can be no serious relationship between you. Then the person will know how to act and agree on it or not.

Benefits of open relationship

The main advantages of this type of a relationship include:

  • your relationship with a regular partner will no longer be boring and monotonous;
  • fear for freedom will disappear, everyone will begin to feel that he is not under the control of a partner;
  • less obligations to each other;
  • new experiences gained can be brought to relationship with your constant partner;
  • people will cease to be so attached and dependent on each other;
  • an open relationship practically exclude psychological pain from deception or jealousy, so characteristic for ordinary relationship.

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