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Most people will have some words that inspire, encourage or remind them of someone or something special. These are the words that you might not want to forget, and you will want to see them every other day or have them with you everywhere you go. Whether they are from the bible or a quote in a foreign language that you like, script tattoos offer the best way of ensuring that you will always remember them.

In definition, these tattoos are a collection of words or even one word with a special meaning to you. The meaning might not always be obvious to others but what matters is why you have them and that you understand what they symbolize.

People have been drawing these types of body markings for many years. But, like many other types of tattoos, it is not always easy to determine their origins. However, the modern tattoo designs with some fancy calligraphies and fonts are a result of the recent inventions of new tattooing machines and technologies that make it possible to draw almost anything that you can imagine.


Meaning and Symbolism

The meaning and symbolism of a script totem will always depend on the words that you have and the image you combine them with if any. And so there is no one blanket meaning that you can give to these tattoos. But, it is still important to understand what a script will symbolize before you decide to have it inked on you.

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Verses from the bible and quotes from famous religious personalities are some of the most common types of these tattoos. Having a verse from the bible will symbolize that you are a Christian or at least believe in the teachings of the Bible. There are also others that can be a precise indication that you believe in a particular Christian denomination. For example, if you get a totem of the Hail Mary Prayer and combine it with a cross or a rosary it can be an indication that you are a Roman Catholic.

You can also use these types of tattoos to symbolize certain virtues. It is common for tattoo lovers to use scripts to show the virtues that they live by or what guides them in life. For example, you can have the words Trust, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, and Love inked on the back or chest to show that these are the most important virtues in your life. Some people will also prefer to have one word on the wrist or finger to indicate an attribute.

Scripts also make some lovely couples tattoos and so you can also use them to symbolize your love for someone. You can have the matching “I Love Him” and “I Love Her” tattoos to show that you are in love. Some people will use scripts to mark important dates or events in their life. A short quote from the bible, a name, and date can be a good way of commemorating the day that someone dear to you was born or died or even to show the day that you met your spouse and how important he/she is to you.

Like any other tattoo, the symbolism and meaning of your script will depend on you. And so you are always free to attach any meaning to your totems even if it might not be apparent to others.

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Script Tattoo Types/Ideas

Any tattoo that entails drawing one or more words anywhere in the body will qualify as a script totem. If you choose to get these tattoos, the options will be endless. But, it is always a good idea to go for something that is meaningful to you and also choose an attractive font. In many instances, it will also be a perfect idea to combine the script message with a different tattoo type. Check out the following popular text tattoos for some inspiration on what you can have.

#1 Religious Script Tattoos

Religion forms an important part of most people’s lives. Regardless of what denomination you belong to you can use tattoos to show your faith. The Bible is one of the most popular sources of quotes for tattoos. While some people will prefer to write an entire verse from the bible some will prefer just to write the book, chapter, and verse.

Some of the common religious scripts from the bible that people like to tattoo include Genesis 1:1-13 which tells the story of creation. It makes a perfect tattoo since it is very symbolic and you can use it to signify new beginnings. 1 Peter 4:8 also makes a good tattoo as it speaks about love which is one of the essential components of a person’s social life. Other religious scripts that will make beautiful tattoos are the Song of Solomon 4:7 that also speaks about love and James 1:2 which is a message of encouragement during difficult times.

There are many others, and you are free to pick any verse that you like. It is also important to know that you can draw the tattoo according to the book and verse where you find it or write the message or how it reads if you do not mind having many words in your tattoo and are ready to bear the pain.

The Bible is not the only source of religious quotes for your tattoo because you can also get them from other books like the holy Koran or Rigveda depending on your religion and beliefs. Also, you can draw anything that you feel represents your religious beliefs even if it is not from any religious text. A good example of this is the phrase “Love is Life” which many people like to have as a tattoo.

#2 Foreign Phrases

Instead of having your script in English you can spice it up or make it more interesting by drawing it in a foreign language like Latin, Arabic or Hebrew. However, it is always important to make sure that you do some research on the foreign language that you want to use.

As exotic as the script might look in a foreign language sometimes it can be embarrassing to walk around with an awkward phrase in your body. In most cases, this is because the translation does not make sense since many people will go for online generated ones. The best idea is always to ask a native for an accurate one. Here are some ideas for script tattoos in Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew.


Latin phrases make beautiful tattoos, and this is more so when you draw them in cute fonts. There are also many Latin quotes that are very symbolic, and so you can have them to make sure your tattoo is meaningful. Some of these phrases are “In Omnia Paratus” which translates to “Ready for Anything/Everything,” “Audax at Fidelis” that will translate to “Bold but Faithful” and “Nil Desperandum” that means “Never Despair.”


Arabic tattoos have a mysterious look that is what makes them unique. This look is not only from the fact that only those that know the language can read them but also because the calligraphy is unique and also quite adorable.

The cursive flow of the letters in Arabic will make your tattoo look heavenly, and you will always be happy every time you see it. Some of the words that look amazing in Arabic are Strength, Life, and Health but you can always translate any script that you like.


Hebrew is a pictorial and exquisite language which is what makes it perfect for tattoos. But, it is important to know that the Hebrew script is very complicated and placing one vowel in the wrong place can change the meaning of your tattoo. Phrases from the Hebrew bible and words like love, strength, and courage are the most popular when it comes to tattooing scripts in Hebrew. Also, some people will opt to combine these phrases or words with other Hebrew symbols like the Hamsa or Hand of Miriam which is thought to protect against evil eyes.

#3 Name Script

Your name or that of a person dear to you can also form a beautiful script. A name tattoo looks straightforward, but it still requires the services of a skilled tattooist to make it look attractive. It is important to choose a stylish font for this tattoo because it is what determines how it will appear. Luckily, there are more than enough options available. The right one for you will depend on your tastes and how you want your tattoo to look. Script, handwriting, old school, gothic and new age will have categories of fonts that you can choose for your name’s script.

Instead of using the regular fonts to write the name in English some people will prefer to make them a little more interesting. For this, they will write them in Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese calligraphy.

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#4 Script on a Scroll Tattoos

A scroll will always give any tattoo an adorable old school look. Combining it with your totem can help to make it more symbolic. You can have a small scroll with the words arranged inside neatly or spice it up a little. One way of enhancing the appearance of this tattoo entails drawing some colorful birds and flowers on the corners of the scroll.

Also, the scroll will look better with dented edges that imitate the appearance of aging paper. But, this should be something easy for a skilled artist to create.

#5 Script and Cross Tattoos

The cross is another common religious symbol that will always go well with your script. There are also many ways of creating this body marking, and it will depend on your preferences. Some people will prefer to have a large cross with a script above or below it while some are more comfortable with a small one and name on the shoulder or wrist. You can also draw your text inside the large cross or have it in a scroll wrapping around it.

#6 Script and Praying Hands/Angel Wings

Another great way of having the script tattoos entails drawing them with other religious symbols like praying hands or the angel wings. The praying hands seem to look best on the upper arm especially for men, and you can make them more meaningful with a short script below them.

Angel wings spreading through the chest or back and with a religious text above also makes a beautiful tattoo. You can also inscribe the words in the wings or praying hands to create an eye-catching symbol but ensure that you get the colors right so that everything will be readable.

#7 3D Scripts

Every tattoo always looks better when you have it in 3D. No matter what design or text you would like to have, you can always make it look more appealing by getting it in 3D. There are some lovely 3D script fonts that your tattooist can use to draw the word or phrase. However, the right idea is to go for someone that specializes in 3D tattoos because they can be a little complicated.

Water colors and white ink are also a good way of spicing up your script totems and giving them a modern touch.

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Placement Ideas

Once you determine the script tattoo type or design that you want to have the other important thing is to choose the right place to have it. Placement is as important as your choice of tattoos since it also affects the appearance. The size, type or message, and your personal preferences are the three most important factors that will influence placement.

Most men will prefer to have their script on the arm, back, chest or as part of a sleeve. Some vividly colored flowers around a scroll with a script will be an adorable shoulder, sleeve or chest tattoo for men. But, it is also not uncommon to see guys with a text on the wrist, ribs or even legs.

Ladies (at least most), on the other hand, seem to prefer to go for smaller characters and so many will prefer to place them on the wrist, ankle, lower back, collar bone, and ribs. A simple black ink text in English or even Latin, Arabic and Hebrew on a woman’s collar bone will help to highlight one of the most attractive parts of their body.

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Script tattoos are beautiful and very symbolic. Most are also not very complicated and so even artists without a lot of skills and experience can create some lovely pieces. Before you decide to get one, it is always important to understand the meaning and choose a type and design that showcases your personality. It is also important to choose an attractive font and spice things up by having it in foreign language or calligraphy.

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