25 Iconic Kylie Jenner Tattoo Ideas – Her Personal Story

A lot of debate is stirred up whenever a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family takes a trip to the tattoo parlor. Despite being the youngest of the Jenner sisters, Kylie Jenner tattoo count is the highest among them. The interesting thing is that you would never realize this. Kylie Jenner seems to have a mini-obsession with small and delicate tattoos.

The youngest sibling dons ink at several parts of her body. This seems to go against the advice she has always received from her older sister Kim Kardashian West. Kim does not have any tattoos and is openly against them. Kylie looks to be going her own path as she has become quite the ink aficionado with a total of six tattoos. You can check out the complete collection of Kylie Jenner’s tattoos and their meaning below.

1. Small Red Heart Silhouette on the Back of Her Arm

Kylie Jenner’s introduction into the ink world was in celebration of her 18th birthday in Canada. She got this tattoo in August 2015 literally hours after she turned 18. It almost seemed like she was celebrating being free from Kris Jenner’s reign. This tattoo features a small red heart outline located at the back of her left arm.

In hindsight, this was a long way coming as the model was known for trying out false Sharpie tattoos for many years. People often say that the first is always the best. The old adage may just be true as Kylie has hinted several times that the tiny red heart is her favorite tattoo since it launched her tattoo phase.

It was widely believed that the red heart was a tribute to rapper Tyga, who was her boyfriend at the time. A close friend to the family reportedly revealed that Kylie got the arm tattoo to symbolize the love in her life, of which Tyga was a big part.

2. Sanity Spelled Phonetically on Her Hip

Kylie got her second tattoo just three months after her first ink. She was back under the needle in November 2015. This time she opted for the phonetic spelling of the word ‘sanity’ inked in red on her lower hip.This tattoo was apparently meant to remind her to stay grounded given the hectic and crazy life that she lives.

The model had quite a crazy year with her dad’s transgender transition to the drama surrounding her relationship with Tyga. It was the best message for her to relay at the time.Kylie got this tattoo at the famous tattoo parlor, Bang Bang Tattoo, run by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang. The artist is known to have inked many celebrities including Rihanna, Adele, LeBron James, Tyga and Cara Delevingne.

Kylie videotaped herself getting inked for Snapshot and showed off the tattoo on Instagram. This Kylie Jenner tattoo has an interesting story to it. After she had finished getting the tattoo, she took the needle and gave Bang Bang a Kylie Jenner original tatt.

3. Tiny Red “Mary Jo” Arm Tattoo

Kylie’s third tattoo was a little more personal and meaningful. She decided to get it as a tribute to her maternal grandparents. This kylie Jenner tattoo is interestingly also in red. The small piece reads “Mary Jo” and was inscribed on the inside of her left bicep. Mary Jo is her grandmother’s name.

The interesting bit is that the tattoo is written in the handwriting of Kylie’s late grandfather. Kylie got the tattoo towards the end of February 2016. She enlisted the services of New York City’s tattoo artist Jon Boy from Bang Bang for the job.

She posted a video on Snapchat showing her getting the tattoo done alongside Caitlyn Jenner. The video showed Kylie grimacing and smiling as the tattoo artist set the ink in her New York hotel room. Kylie took to Twitter to explain the reason she got the piece. She was close to her grandfather and wanted to honor both of them.

4. Red “M” on Her Pinky Finger

Kylie Jenner went back under the needle for her fourth tattoo in May 2016. She also got this piece at Jon Boy’s tattoo studio. The tattoo features a squiggly cursive red “M” on the inside of her pinky finger. Kylie went to get the tattoo with her BFF Jordyn Woods, who also got the same matching tattoo.

Kylie has not revealed the meaning of the M, but it would be safe to say that it has a significant meaning for the best friend. This seems to be a little trend in the family as Kendall Jenner and her best friend Hailey Baldwin have matching tattoos on their fingers

Kylie repeated her actions when she got her second tattoo as she gave Jon Boy a tattoo of a King Kylie crown, a capital K and a heart on his left arm. The tattoos were all in the red.

5. Addition of “Before” to the Sanity Hip Tattoo

Kylie updated her ‘Sanity’ tattoo during a session with jet-setting tattoo artist Rafael Valdez on July 23, 2016. She had Valdez add the word “BEFORE” to the red sanity tattoo on her hip resulting in a renewed piece reading “before sanity” Valdez was the man behind Kylie’s tiny red heart. She documented the session via Snapchat.

6. “T” Ankle Tattoo

Kylie revealed a small lowercase “t” tattoo on her ankle on New Year’s Eve 2017 when she wore a pair of low shoes without socks. The tattoo was a tribute to her then rapper boyfriend, Tyga. The relationship between the two had always been rocky and this tattoo was meant to show her commitment to the relationship.

Tyga also got inked up in honor of their relationships. He got a huge cursive “Kylie” tattoo on the inside of his right bicep. Kylie has since covered up the tattoo to read “LA”

7. Butterfly Tattoo

In June this year, Kylie and her new boyfriend Travis Scott unveiled matching tattoos through captionless photos on Snapchat. The tattoo features half a butterfly on the back of her right leg, just above her ankle. Rapper Travis Scott also got the same tattoo in the same location on his left leg.

The tattoos form a butterfly when the two place their feet together. It seems to be a nod to the rapper’s new single “Butterfly Effect”
Given Kylie’s affinity for tiny scarlet tattoos, it is highly likely that the model will get additional pieces in future. All her fans will be eagerly waiting for the next addition to her collection of body art.

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