Best Vintage Jewelry to Show Off Your Tattoos


Finding the right jewelry to accessorize your outfit or elevate a simple and casual look can be challenging. With so many jewelry styles and designs existing today, you cannot help but want to get as many pieces as you can. After all, what can be more exciting than switching up your jewelry to match each of your outfits or moods?

The same dilemma likely exists for you if you had recently gotten a tattoo or have had one for quite some time. You want to be able to show it off by pairing it with the right jewelry, which can be a challenge, especially if you have a small tattoo. Whether you are thinking of vintage rings or other similar pieces, you can find the right jewelry pieces to show off your inked design by choosing the ones that you wear near your tattoo!

Choosing a tattoo design is no easy feat. The thought of having a design permanently inked into your skin can be initially frightening or exciting. However, once you get used to the tattoo, you may find yourself looking through selections of jewelry to pair with it and show it off.

Rings: Hand or Finger Tattoo

Rings make some of the best tattoo accessories as they are not only comfortable to wear but can also be layered with each other. Apart from this, the hand, wrist, or fingertips are both classic and dainty areas to choose for your tattoo. You can have little meaningful symbols or letters inked on these small areas, and rings are the perfect way to show them off!

If you are sporting a more punk design, then silver is an excellent accompaniment to go with your tattoo. However, there are so many other rings to choose from as well. You can also go with a muted gold to mimic the look of vintage rings, or even diamond-studded rings to add that extra bling and draw attention to your ink.

Earrings: Behind or Inside the Ear Tattoo

With the growing trend and popularity of tattoos and ear piercings, it is no question that the two go hand-in-hand because of their compatibility.  Earrings can go well with your behind the ear or inside the ear tattoos. Depending on your preference, you can go for big dangling earrings or a simple stud to go with your tattoo.

You can also consider your face shape when choosing your earrings. For instance, a pair of long drop earrings will go well with round faces as it helps frame the face and will surely draw attention to your ear, thereby drawing attention to your tattoo.

Necklace: Collarbone, Neck, or Shoulder Tattoo

With the right necklace, you can highlight and complement your collarbone, neck, or shoulder tattoo! Similar to earrings, you can go for bigger and bolder statement necklaces or simpler necklaces with a small pendant depending on your preference. However, you also want to make sure your necklace does not overshadow your tattoo, especially since you want the tattoo to be the focal point.

There are many things to think of before getting a tattoo, but once you make the decision, you will find yourself engrossed with the many ways to show it off! Nowadays, jewelry works not only to accessorize your outfits as it can also highlight your tattoo and make it the star of your look.

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