80+ Noble Crown Tattoo Designs – Treat Yourself Like Royalty

A crown is traditionally worn on the head by a ruler, monarch (king, queen, princess, prince etc.) or deity. It is the emblem of a supreme leader of a land or a group of people and is used to convey their special place in society.

A crown usually contains rare metals like gold and is adorned with expensive fabrics, special jewels and precious stones – which sometimes carry a special significance of their own. It represents power, royalty, honor, glory, righteousness, wealth, leadership, authority, justice, and nobility.

When power is being passed from one ruler to another it is done so in the form of a crowning ceremony called a coronation.

Many tattoo lovers feel that the crown is a great subject for tattoos because of its handsome appearance, deep significance and because it can work well as a single tattoo or as part of a larger design. Crown tattoos are suitable for both men and women.

Men will usually choose more masculine designs sometimes with swords, skulls or jewels, while women will often include hearts, flowers, (particularly roses) beams of light, feathers, and clouds in their tattoos.

Women will also choose more feminine colors like pinks and purples for their designs. The crown portrays both wealth and importance but also has more humble connotations such as noble thinking and kindness to others.


The Best Crown Designs To Consider

Basic Crown / Flash Art – simple stylized crowns, often with three spikes make for perfect small tattoos. These could be black; either an outline or solid black. Other designs may include a few details and shading.

Crowns for Couples – Crown tattoos are very popular as a couples tattoo. In these designs (which are mostly in color) the ladies design will be pink and the males will be blue.

This design represents the King and Queen and is a powerful symbol of their commitment to each other and the way they plan to treat each other in their relationship.

Crowns and Skulls – Sugar skull designs will often include crowns and you could also see them in more hardcore masculine tattoos.

As mentioned above gamblers believe that skulls and crowns are lucky. Gambling themed tattoos with crowns will often also include other related subjects like poker chips, dice, and playing cards.

Lion – In astrology, the symbol for the house of Leo is a lion wearing a crown. Leo’s are said to be quite outgoing and sociable, so it makes sense that they may choose to have a star sign tattoo.

With Name – Tattoos of crowns will often have a name underneath – this could either be your own name or another person’s name. Remember to always think very carefully before getting a girlfriend or boyfriends name tattooed!

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The Different Meanings Of Crown Tattoos

The crown is generally considered to be a positive symbol which has many different meanings. Tattoo lovers may choose this design to represent:

Power – The crown is only worn by those who have power – therefore as a tattoo, it may be used to signify a person’s position in the world or as a reminder that they have power over their own lives and decisions.

Responsibility – A King or Queen does not only have supremacy over their land but they are also responsible for what happens in that land and what happens to their subjects. Therefore a tattoo design like this could be used as a reminder of responsibilities and maybe even accountability.

Control – It’s important to feel in control. A happy person feels in control of their feelings and actions. Getting a tattoo of a crown could be used as a symbol of self-control. This might be chosen by a person who has overcome obstacles such as addiction.

Luck – Gamblers, in particular, see the crown as a very lucky symbol and will often choose to include it in their tattoos in the hopes that it will bring them good fortune in their games.

Ambition – A King or Queen are seen as the very highest people on the social ladder. A person, who is extremely dedicated to achieving their goals, either personal or work related, may choose this type of tattoo is a symbol of their lofty ambitions – i.e. “getting to the top”.

Wisdom – In the olden times a monarch would often act as a judge as well. Those who had broken the law were brought in front of the king or queen who would decide their punishment.

They were also consulted about various matters concerning their realm. For this reason, the crown is also viewed as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

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Where To Place Your Crown

The crown makes a great small, medium or large tattoo. You could choose your finger, wrist or behind your ear for a small tattoo. Medium to large designs look better on the shoulders, middle back, feet, upper arms, or lower back.

  • Crown Tattoo 81
  • Crown Tattoo 82
  • Crown Tattoo 80
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Colors And Techniques To Consider

Full-color crown tattoos are eye-catching and most people will choose royal colors like purple and red for their designs with gold and silvers. Bright red roses, white diamonds, blue sapphires and green emeralds are often added.

  • Crown Tattoo 71
  • Crown Tattoo 72
  • Crown Tattoo 73

Highly realistic renderings of crowns can make a stunning tattoo, especially if the artist has sufficient skill to capture the different textures and reflection. You could even consider a multihued watercolor crown design for something quite unique.

In Short…

You are the King or Queen of your life and a tattoo of a crown is a great way to remember that. There are so many positive associations of this symbol that it will always be an inspiring tattoo to look at.

  • Crown Tattoo 74
  • Crown Tattoo 75
  • Crown Tattoo 76

It’s a great matching tattoo for couples, but even if you are single they make cute matching tattoos for your wrists or feet. Self-love is important and this tattoo is a perfect way to express it. Let others know how you feel about yourself with a regal crown tattoo!

  • Crown Tattoo 77
  • Crown Tattoo 78
  • Crown Tattoo 79

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